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Rand m

Rand, M (Science: person) See: burn and Rand... Read More

Rand gertrude

Rand, Gertrude (Science: person) U.S. Visual psychologist, 1886-1970. See: hardy-Rand-Ritter... Read More

Atlas of the World

Atlas of the World     AUTHORS:  ... Read More

Fewer patients undergoing stroke prevention surgery for wrong reasons

ST. PAUL, Minn -- A new study has found a drop in the number of patients undergoing the most commonly used stroke prevention... Read More

Burn and rand theory

Burn and rand theory That stimulation of sympathetic fibres results first in the production of acetylcholine in the... Read More

Hardy-rand-ritter test

Hardy-rand-ritter test a test for colour vision deficiency using pseudoisochromatic cards. These excellent cards have not... Read More

Adaptive-Decision Strategy Offsets Uncertainties In Climate Sensitivity

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. The uncertainty of climate change because of global warming is much greater than previously thought, and as... Read More

Steroids Not as Effective in Obese Asthma Patients

Glucocorticoids, the primary controller medication for asthma, are 40 percent less effective in overweight and obese... Read More

Active site

Definition noun, plural: active sites The specific region of an enzyme where a substrate binds and catalysis takes place or... Read More


rind The external covering or coat, as of flesh, fruit, trees, etc.; skin; hide; bark; peel; shell. Thou canst not touch the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: syncopes The transient loss of consciousness, generally caused by global cerebral... Read More

Larynx artificial

Larynx, artificial a device, activated electronically or by expired pulmonary air, which simulates laryngeal activity and... Read More


Definition noun The condition characterized by feeling of being lightheaded and of fainting but does not actually lose... Read More