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Definition noun plural: nitrogens ni·tro·gen, ˈnɐɪtʰɹədʒən (biochemistry) A colorless, odorless, gaseous... Read More

Alkylating agent

Definition noun A highly reactive substance that replaces hydrogen by an alkyl group especially in a biologically important... Read More

Gene may ‘bypass’ disease-linked mitochondrial defects, fly study suggests

May 06, 2009 -- By lending them a gene normally reserved for other classes of animals, researchers have shown they can... Read More

Deactivation of phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate/Akt signaling mediates neutrophil spontaneous death

Daocheng Zhu, Hidenori Hattori, Hakryul Jo, Yonghui Jia, Kulandayan K. Subramanian, Fabien Loison, Jian You, Yi Le, Marek... Read More

Peroxiredoxin 2

Definition noun A protein that is involved in redox regulation of the cell particularly in eliminating peroxides produced... Read More

Adaptation to oxygen deprivation elucidates tumor physiology

Two new studies in the March Cell Metabolism reveal a survival mechanism by which cells adapt to oxygen starvation by... Read More