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Refractive index

refractive index (Science: microscopy) The ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to the velocity in some medium.... Read More

Sign of elongation

sign of elongation (Science: microscopy) Referring to the elongation of a substance in relation to refractive indices. If it... Read More


Definition noun, plural: refractions (1) (physics) The bending of wave (e.g. light) as it travels through a refractive... Read More


Dispersal --> dispersion (Science: microscopy) The variation of refractive index with colour (or wave-length) of light.... Read More


Dispersion (Science: microscopy) The variation of refractive index with colour (or wave-length) of light. The spreading of... Read More


Definition verb (1) To alter the direction of light wave as it enters media with dissimilar refractive indexes. (2)... Read More


Coverslip (Science: microscopy) thin glass, plastic, sapphire, SiO, NaCl, etc. Shaped into circles, squares, or rectangles... Read More

Numerical aperture

numerical aperture For a lens the resolving power depends upon the wavelength of light being used and inversely upon the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: deflections (1) (physics) The bending of light ray as it crosses two media of differing refractive... Read More


prism (Science: microscopy) A transparent body with at least two polished plane faces inclined with respect to each other,... Read More


Birefringence (Science: chemistry) optical property of a material in which the refractive index is different for light... Read More


Myopia (Science: ophthalmology) That error of refraction in which rays of light entering the eye parallel to the optic axis... Read More