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Definition noun, plural: repellents (1) An agent or a method that wards off, as insect-repellent to repel insects (2) A... Read More

Fight Between Genetically Modified Organisms And The Bugs They Repel May Not Be Over

For all the promise of crops genetically modified to resist pests, the miracles of the laboratory are only good until the... Read More

Scientists Confirm Folk Remedy Repels Mosquitoes

Swatting mosquitoes and dodging other biting bugs is nearly a year-round chore in the Southeast, but such pests are... Read More


Definition verb (1) To resist; to ward off (2) To draw away by means of force Supplement Word origin: From Middle English... Read More


Hydrophilic Definition What does a hydrophile or hydrophilic substances mean? If a molecule is “water-loving”, it is... Read More


Definition noun (1) The act or process where bodies or objects repel each other (2) The tendency of objects to resist each... Read More


The fear of mixing or reacting with water under a given set of reaction parameters is often referred to as hydrophobic. In... Read More

New roles for growth factors: Enticing nerve cells to muscles

  Spinal cord motor neurons (shown in green) extend tentacle-like protrusions called axons (shown in yellow)... Read More

Community Patterns

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga In the previous lesson, we learned what a population is, its attributes, and processes... Read More

Ionic bond

Definition noun plural: ionic bonds A type of chemical bond in which atoms, ions, or molecules are held together by... Read More


Definition noun, plural: amphiphiles A chemical compound containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic... Read More

Hydrogen bond

Definition noun plural: hydrogen bonds A type of chemical bond that is formed when the slightly positive hydrogen atom of... Read More


Definition verb (1) To draw (a body or an object) towards, by means of a force (2) To cause to draw towards (3) To exert... Read More

Scent glands

scent glands exocrine glands in animals which secrete scents which either repel or attract other animals, e.g. Perianal... Read More


The act of treating something to make it repel... Read More


Definition noun, plural: petioles (1) (botany) The stalk at the base of the leaf blade, attaching and supporting the leaf... Read More


Access 1. A coming to, or near approach; admittance; admission; accessibility; as, to gain access to a prince. I did repel... Read More


refute To disprove and overthrow by argument, evidence, or countervailing proof; to prove to be false or erroneous; to... Read More


shed 1. To fall in drops; to pour. Such a rain down from the welkin shadde. (Chaucer) 2. To let fall the parts, as seeds or... Read More

Different strategies underlie the ecology of microbial invasions

Infectious disease can play a key role in mediating the outcome of competition between rival groups, as seen in the effects... Read More

Gladstone Investigators Discover How Resting T Cells Avoid HIV Infection

Scientists have discovered the mechanism that enables some CD4 T cells -- the main target of HIV -- to thwart the virus. The... Read More