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retraction 1. The act of drawing back, the condition of being drawn back. 2. Distal movement of teeth, usually accomplished... Read More

A single atom controls motility required for bacterial infection

CHAPEL HILL – Bacteria can swim, propelling themselves through fluids using a whip-like extension called a flaggella.... Read More

Memory in receptor–ligand-mediated cell adhesion

Memory in receptor–ligand-mediated cell adhesion Veronika I. Zarnitsyna*, Jun Huang*, Fang Zhang*, Yuan-Hung Chien,... Read More

Getting wired: how the brain does it

August 27, 2009 -- In a new study, researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro), McGill... Read More

Streaming movement

streaming movement The form of movement characteristic of the protoplasm of leukocytes, amoebae, and other unicellular... Read More


Forelock 1. The lock of hair that grows from the forepart of the head. 2. (Science: mechanics) a cotter or split pin, as in... Read More


recession A withdrawal or retreating. See: retraction. Origin: L. Recessio (see... Read More


retractile (Science: physiology) CApable of retraction; capable of being drawn back or up; as, the claws of a cat are... Read More

Bandls ring

Bandls ring --> pathologic retraction ring a constriction located at the junction of the thinned lower uterine segment with... Read More

Measles vaccine hesitancy leads to outbreaks, deaths of unvaccinated

Many people are afraid of getting measles vaccine these days. The fear arises from the allegedly adverse effects of it, such... Read More