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retrograde 1. Moving backward or against the usual direction of flow. 2. Degenerating, deteriorating or catabolic. Origin:... Read More

Golgi apparatus

Golgi Apparatus Definition The Golgi apparatusĀ is a membrane-bound organelle in eukaryotic cells. It plays a crucial role... Read More


What is Peristalsis? Peristalsis is the series of involuntary, wave-like muscle movements in the cylindrical, hollow tube... Read More

Types and Causes of Brain Damage

The brain is a highly specialized tissue, far more complex than today's 21st-century supercomputers. Due to this magnificent... Read More


stationary 1. Not moving; not appearing to move; stable; fixed. Charles Wesley, who is a more stationary man, does not... Read More


What Is Axon? An axon is a thin, long fiber of a nerve cell (or neuron). It transmits electrical impulses from the cell... Read More


Definition noun The absence of any ejaculate or semen. Supplement One of its causes is retrograde ejaculation by excessive... Read More