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Definition noun, plural: rostra (zoology) (1) A beak-like or snout-like projection, such as that of the crocodile or... Read More

Rostrum sphenoidale

rostrum sphenoidale --> rostrum of the sphenoid bone The anterior projecting part of the body of the sphenoid bone which... Read More


Definition adjective (1) Of or pertaining to or resembling a rostrum. (2) Pertaining to the direction or anatomical position... Read More


Man Origin: as. Mann, man, monn, mon; akin to os, D, & OHG. Man, g. Mann, Icel. Mathr, for mannr, dan. Mand, Sw. Man,... Read More

Genu corporis callosi

Genu corporis callosi --> genu of corpus callosum The anterior extremity of the corpus callosum that folds downward and... Read More