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Coccygeal segments of spinal cord

Coccygeal segments of spinal cord The three coccygeal segments Co1-Co3 of the spinal cord which give rise to the three pairs... Read More


segments of liver hepatic... Read More

Bronchopulmonary segments

Bronchopulmonary segments a subdivision of one lobe of a lung based on the connection to the segmental bronchus. For... Read More

Widespread genetic exchange among terrestrial bacteriophages

Widespread genetic exchange among terrestrial bacteriophages   Olin K. Silander,*†‡§ Daniel M. Weinreich,†¶ Kevin... Read More

Rod outer segments

rod outer segments The portion of the retinal rod cell between the inner segment and the pigment epithelium layer of the... Read More

Lantermans segments

Lantermans segments The divisions of the nerve fibre between the Schmidt-Lanterman... Read More


Arthropod Definition What is an arthropod? An arthropod is an invertebrate living organism characterized by the presence of... Read More

Joint axes of rotation and body segment parameters of pig limbs

Joint axes of rotation and body segment parameters of pig limbs Vivi M Thorup1,2, Frede Aa Tøgersen3, Bente Jørgensen1 and... Read More


Definition noun The condition of possessing or forming a linear series of body segments Supplement Metamerism is a condition... Read More

Key brain regulatory gene shows evolution in humans

DURHAM, N.C. - Researchers have discovered the first brain regulatory gene that shows clear evidence of evolution from... Read More


Definition adjective Of, pertaining to, exhibiting, or characteristic of metamerism Supplement The term metameric is used to... Read More

Chromosomal crossover

Definition noun A process occurring during meiosis wherein homologous chromosomes pair up and exchange segments of their... Read More

Technology Gives 3-D View Of Human Coronary Arteries

November 18, 2008 — For the first time researchers are getting a detailed look at the interior of human coronary... Read More

Sister chromatid exchange

Definition noun A chromosomal crossover between two identical sister chromatids Supplement During prophase I of the first... Read More

Segmenta hepatis

segmenta hepatis --> hepatic segments Territories of the liver with independent portobilioarterial distribution or... Read More

Molecular fats prevent nerve sheath abnormality

CHAPEL HILL - A study led by scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill points to a group of lipids... Read More


What is Meiosis? A simple definition of meiosis would be is this: meiosis is the process of cell division that results in... Read More

Using Statistics to Decipher Secrets of Natural Mutation

A new mathematical approach for analyzing the complex, subtle patterns of natural mutation in DNA is likely to help... Read More


Definition noun, plural: isopods Any of the members of the order Isopoda, which is a taxonomic group characterized mainly by... Read More


Definition noun (1) A kind of maternal-effect gene (as in bicoid gene) whose function is to code for products used for... Read More

New way to label nucleic acids could lead to new therapies

Nucleic acids embrace many more kinds of molecules than just giant strands of DNA and RNA, and several forms have shown... Read More


Definition noun (1) A kind of maternal-effect gene (as in nanos gene) whose function is to code for products used for... Read More


Definition noun, plural: parasegments The fundamental unit of Drosophila development, which is made up of portions of two... Read More

Prop root anatomy of Philodendron bipinnatifidum Schott (Araceae)

Prop root anatomy of Philodendron bipinnatifidum Schott (Araceae) VIANNA, Wânia de Oliveira, SOARES, Marli Kasue Misaki... Read More

Which came first, the chicken genome or the egg genome?

Which came first, the chicken genome or the egg genome? Researchers have answered a similarly vexing (and far more relevant)... Read More


Definition noun A homeotic gene first described in Drosophila that controls the development of the third thoracic segment... Read More

Segmentation gene

Definition noun, plural: segmentation genes (1) Any of the genes involved in the early stages of pattern formation in the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: dactyla (zooanatomy) A dactyl, i.e. a digit (a finger or a toe) Supplement The term dactylus refers... Read More


Definition noun, plural: segmentation (1) (embryology) Cleavage, i.e. the repeated division of a fertilized ovum forming... Read More

Rift valley fever virus

Rift valley fever virus is a mosquito-borne arbovirus from the genus Phlebovirus that is responsible for the rift valley... Read More

Modern Evolutionary Synthesis

Modern evolutionary synthesis Charles Darwin’s work on "Origin of Species" led to... Read More


Definition noun A hox gene first described in Drosophila, which is responsible for the formation and differentiation of the... Read More

Optical Technique Provides Improved ‘Virtual Biopsies’ Of Internal Surfaces

November 20, 2006 — A new optical imaging technique, developed at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts... Read More

New tool cracks genomic code quicker than ever

July 11, 2006 -- US and Australian scientists have pioneered a new hybrid method for genomic sequencing that is faster and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: somites (1) (embryology) Any of the paired block-like segments of mesoderm, occurring dorsally,... Read More


thorax 1. (Science: anatomy) The part of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen, containing that part of the body cavity... Read More

Alimentary canal

Definition of Alimentary canal What is the alimentary canal? The alimentary canal is a muscular hollow continuous tubular... Read More

Lung segmental anatomy

Lung segmental anatomy (Science: radiology) right lung, 3 lobes, 10 segments, left lung, 2 lobes, 8... Read More

Fushi tarazu

Definition noun (1) A pair-rule gene which, together with even-skipped, plays a crucial role in the activation of the... Read More

‘Junk’ DNA Proves Functional; Helps Explain Human Differences From Other Species

November 5, 2008 — In a paper published in Genome Research on Nov. 4, scientists at the Genome Institute of Singapore... Read More