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Metamerism Definition Metamerism is the repetition of homologous body segments. This type of development can be seen in the... Read More


Determination (Science: cell biology) The committment of a cell to a particular path of differentiation, even though there... Read More


Folio Origin: ablative of L. Folium leaf. See 4th foil. 1. A leaf of a book or manuscript. 2. A sheet of paper once... Read More

Signal-to-noise ratio

signal-to-noise ratio (Science: microscopy) Also sometimes used as an abbreviation for serial number, can be somewhat... Read More


Symbiosis Definition What is symbiosis? Symbiosis can be defined as any kind of relationship or interaction between two... Read More


Senescence Definition Senescence is defined as biological aging. In cell biology, it refers to the cell wherein it is no... Read More


Definition noun, plural: neuroanatomists An expert or a researcher in the field of neuroanatomy Supplement Neuroanatomists... Read More