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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics (LANGE Basic Science)

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics (LANGE Basic Science)      ... Read More


statistics The science and art of collecting, summarizing, and analyzing data that are subject to random variation. The term... Read More

Null hypothesis

Null Hypothesis Definition Null hypothesis is defined as “the commonly accepted fact (such as the sky is blue) and... Read More

Independent variable

Independent Variable Definition To define an independent variable, let us first understand what a variable is. The word... Read More


Correlation (Science: statistics) most generally, the degree to which one phenomenon or random variable is associated with... Read More


meta-analysis (Science: statistics) A quantitative method of combining the results of independent studies (usually drawn... Read More

Natural science

Definition noun The scientific study of phenomena or laws of the physical world. Supplement Natural science includes... Read More

Dependent variable

Definition noun, plural: dependent variables (mathematical modeling) The variable in a functional relation whose value is... Read More


A branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis.The study of biology... Read More


(statistics) the entire aggregation of items from which samples can be drawn; it is an estimate of the mean of the... Read More


Cohort (Science: statistics) a cohort is a group of animals of the same species, identified by a common characteristic,... Read More

Alternative hypothesis

Definition noun The hypothesis accepted to be true if the null hypothesis is rejected based on statistical... Read More


prevalence (Science: statistics) The proportion of individuals in a population having a... Read More


mean (Science: statistics) average value calculated by taking the sum of all values and dividing by the total number of... Read More


Inference The logical process of passing from observations and axioms to generalizations; in statistics, the development of... Read More


median (Science: statistics) Any value that divides the probability of a random variable in half, i.e. The probability of... Read More


significant In statistics, probably resulting from something other than... Read More


Bias (Science: statistics) in a clinical trial, bias refers to effects that a conclusion that may be incorrect as, for... Read More

Degrees of freedom

Degrees of freedom in statistics, the number of independent comparisons that can be made between the members of a sample... Read More


Frequency 1. (Science: physics) The number of occurrences of a periodic or recurrent process per unit time, for example the... Read More

Reliability coefficient

Definition noun (statistics) A quantitative expression of the reliability or consistency in the measurement of test scores,... Read More


Reviewed by: Jonathan Cumming, PhD Definition noun, plural: (genetics, ecology) A group of organisms of one... Read More


Average (Science: statistics) a value that represents the sum of values divided by the number of values in the set. It... Read More

Simpsons paradox

Definition noun It is used in statistics to confirm data resulting from the combination of unequal size of group that has... Read More