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Resolution acuity

resolution acuity The detection of a target having two or more parts, often measured by using the snellen test types;... Read More

University of Florida Study Suggests Schools Boost Empty Calories to Raise Test Scores

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Faced with ever-increasing pressure to boost state-mandated test scores, some school districts have... Read More

Independent variable

Independent Variable Definition To define independent variable, let us first understand what a variable is. The word... Read More

Genetics – Lesson Outline & Worksheets

  Topics Modules Quizzes/Worksheets Description Introduction to Genetics Genetics - Definition:... Read More

Microbial Janitors Tackle Nuclear Clean-Up Problems

  Microbial janitors are helping their human counterparts with nuclear clean-up. Researchers plan to coax naturally... Read More


Antigen Definition What is an antigen? A simple definition is that an antigen refers to any substance that triggers an... Read More


Chart 1. A recording of clinical data relating to a patients case. Synonym: curve. 3. In optics, symbols of graduated size... Read More

Berkeley Researchers Lay Groundwork for Cell Version of DNA Chip: New Technique Developed for Attaching Biological Cells to Non-Biological Surfaces

Berkeley Researchers Lay Groundwork for Cell Version of DNA Chip: New Technique Developed for Attaching Biological Cells to... Read More

Incomplete dominance

Incomplete Dominance Definition After Gregor Mendel discovered inheritance laws, the term ''incomplete dominance'' was... Read More

Rice Researchers Develop First Fully Automatic Method To Track 3-D Movement Of Cancer Cells

HOUSTON (Sept. 16, 2002) -- Cancer researchers know the disease spreads from organ to organ in a non random pattern, but... Read More

Will Genetically Engineered Foods Cause Allergic Reactions?

Will Genetically Engineered Foods Cause Allergic Reactions? The potential of genetically engineered foods to cause allergic... Read More

‘Personality-gene’ makes songbirds curious

Whether you are an anxious type, or a fearless person - such individual differences in personality could be partly due to... Read More

New tool reveals secrets of migrating cells

Two-photon imaging gives real-time video of cells in living tissue Berkeley - Biologists have a new tool to track and... Read More


Codominance definition Codominance is a form of inheritance wherein the alleles of a gene pair in a heterozygote are fully... Read More


Agglutination Definition What does agglutination mean? It generally refers to the process of sticking together or the... Read More

The contentious Archaean biosignatures

RESEARCH NEWS The contentious Archaean biosignatures   A. V. Sankaran If it looks like life, has the ecology of life,... Read More

Detecting local establishment strategies of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.)

Research article Detecting local establishment strategies of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) Aki M Höltken and Hans-Rolf... Read More


A cell is a membrane-bound structure that occurs as a functional independent unit of life (such as in unicellular organisms,... Read More

Bubble-based technology to test, treat eyes

By bouncing sound waves off tiny bubbles generated inside eye tissue, a biomedical engineer at The University of Texas at... Read More

Dick test toxin

Dick test toxin --> streptococcus erythrogenic toxin a culture filtrate of lysogenised group A strains of beta-haemolytic... Read More

Magnetism and mimicry of nature hold hope for better medicine, environmental safety

TEMPE, Ariz. – Critical advances in medicine and environmental protection promise to emerge from a new method for... Read More

Toward a fast, accurate urine test for pneumonia

Scientists are reporting a discovery of the potential basis for a urine test to diagnose community-acquired pneumonia... Read More

Scientists find a way to detect which breast abnormalities may develop into cancer

Scientists at the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals in the UK have found a way of testing whether certain abnormalities... Read More

Nucleic Acid-Amplification Testing Further Safeguards Nation’s Blood Supply, NHLBI Study Shows

State-of-the-art testing systems to screen donated blood have improved the safety of the nation's blood supply by... Read More

In Chemical Genetics, A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery

A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery in Chemical Genetics Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have developed a new... Read More

Giving In To The Urge To Scratch: Researchers Find Not All Itches Created Equal

Different parts of brain activated by pollen and dust vs. histamine (BETHESDA, MD) – Intense itching and the urge to... Read More

Math model predicts cancer behavior

Development of a powerful new computer simulation of tumor growth sets the stage for customized cancer treatmentVito... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

‘Sex’ Helps Bacteria Cope With A Changing World

November 21, 2005 — Bacteria feel pressures to evolve antibiotic resistance and other new abilities in response to... Read More

Extending knowledge of Escherichia coli metabolism by modeling and experiment

Abstract One of the challenges for 'post-genomic' biology is the integration of data from many different sources. Two... Read More

Evolution of pigment synthesis pathways by gene and genome duplication in fish

Evolution of pigment synthesis pathways by gene and genome duplication in fish Ingo Braasch1, Manfred Schartl1 and... Read More

Major Improvements Made In Engineering Heart Repair Patches From Stem Cells

University of Washington (UW) researchers have succeeded in engineering human tissue patches free of some problems that... Read More

Nanotubes used for first time to send signals to nerve cells

GALVESTON, Texas --Texas scientists have added one more trick to the amazing repertoire of carbon nanotubes -- the ability... Read More

Researchers Link Newly Discovered Gene To Hereditary Neurological Disease

DURHAM, N.C. – Scientists have linked a recently discovered gene to a rare nervous system disease called hereditary... Read More