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thesis Origin: L, fr. Gr, fr. To place, set. See Do, and cf. Anathema, Apothecary, Epithet, Hypothesis, Parenthesis, Theme,... Read More

Songbirds Prefer The Latest Music: Golden Oldies Just Don’t Cut It With The Chicks

Songbirds Prefer The Latest Music: Golden Oldies Just Don't Cut It With The Chicks      Duke University... Read More

CO2 increase in the atmosphere augments tolerance of barley to salinity

In future, climate change will bring an increase in salty surfaces on the Earth and in the concentration of CO2 in the... Read More

Lumbar Fusion Has Long-term Benefits, Study Suggests

Lumbar fusion is becoming a progressively basic treatment for low-back pain, but its long-term effects are relatively... Read More

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking: Wade Davis and the Secret of the Zombie Poison By Patrick D. Hahn Accepted on September 4, 2007 Twenty... Read More

Personalised doses of insulin

Diabetes is a widespread illness affecting 5 per cent of the population. In diabetics the metabolism produces an excess of... Read More

New methods for brain research

Novel methods of measuring magnetic fields outside the head give further insights to the functioning of the human brain. In... Read More

Occurrence of Beta-Aminoglutaric Acid in Marine Bacteria

Occurrence of β-Aminoglutaric Acid in Marine Bacteria SUSAN M. HENRICHS1* AND RUSSELL CUHEL2 Institute of Marine Science,... Read More

Canine Reproduction: The Breeder’s Guide

Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide      ... Read More


position 1. The state of being posited, or placed; the manner in which anything is placed; attitude; condition; as, a firm,... Read More

Cancer Research: New Data On The Breakdown Of The KRas Protein

KRas is one of the usual suspects in cancer. It is a protein that is mutated in 30% of human tumors and has been... Read More

Stable Climate and Plant Domestication Linked

Sustainable farming and the introduction of new crops relies on a relatively stable climate, not dramatic conditions... Read More

Darwin Killed Off The Werewolf

It was Darwinian theory that did away with the werewolf. For much of recorded history, humans have reserved their greatest... Read More

New Bacterial Behavior: Puzzling ‘Dance’ of Electricity-Producing Bacteria Near Energy Sources

Bacteria dance the electric slide, officially named electrokinesis by the USC geobiologists who discovered the... Read More

Autism And Schizophrenia Share Common Origin, Review Suggests

Dec. 18, 2008 — Schizophrenia and autism probably share a common origin, hypothesises Dutch researcher Annemie Ploeger... Read More

Nope, not a jackal but a wolf!

By Vicki Mozo Aren't we all familiar with this infamous line: "a wolf hiding in sheep's clothing…"? Well, how... Read More

Researchers track snakes to study populations, behavior

A researcher for Washington University in St. Louis and colleagues at the Saint Louis Zoo and Saint Louis University are... Read More

Coralreef fish desperately need mangrove forests and seagrass fields

Biologists from the University of Nijmegen have demonstrated that some coral fish really do choose nursery grounds before... Read More

Can feces save the species?

Sniffing dogs help monitor and protect threatened animals in Brazil Arlington, Virginia (May 12, 2008) – It’s a tough... Read More

Electric Fish Conduct Electric Duets In Aquatic Courtship

Cornell researchers have discovered that in the battle of the sexes, African electric fish couples not only use specific... Read More

Fossilized Fish Act As Ancient Thermometer

CANTON, N.Y. - Fossilized fish bones may help scientists to reconstruct the temperatures of 65 million years ago, according... Read More

DNA Patterns Of Microbes

July 13, 2009 — The genomes or DNA of microbes contain defined DNA patterns called genome signatures. Such signatures may... Read More

The Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview

The Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview    ... Read More

Rearing an army to save wheat

Scientists try to rear wasps to fight off the wheat stem sawfly With wheat stem sawfly natural enemies in demand, Montana... Read More

Mouse study suggests mammoth evolutionary change

A study of a common wild mouse by two University of Illinois at Chicago biologists has found evidence of dramatic... Read More

Biophotonics: Visions for Better Health Care

Biophotonics: Visions for Better Health Care      ... Read More

Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations

Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations    ... Read More

The Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals

The Crucible of Creation: The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals     ... Read More

The Emerald Planet: How Plants Changed Earth’s History

The Emerald Planet: How Plants Changed Earth's History     ... Read More

Researchers Clean Up Petroleum Spills With Plants

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. A husband and wife research team at Purdue University has pioneered the use of plants to help clean up... Read More

Dinosaurs In Bullet-proof Vests

Their armour was perfect; even their eyelids consisted of plates of bone. What are known as ankylosauruses are among the... Read More

State-of-the-art instruments for detecting extraterrestrial life

Jeffrey L. Bada Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA... Read More

Shooting A Painting Reveals Its Pigments

Dutch scientists have developed a new method for studying organic pigments in the paintings of old masters. Firing a laser... Read More

Dynamic Bed Causes Irregular Course Of River

How can you manage and design rivers such that no floods occur, whilst still ensuring navigation for shipping and a... Read More

Healthy Potato Chips: A Trans Fat Oil With Health Benefits

For plenty of good reasons, the term "trans fat" leaves a bad taste in the mouths of health-conscious consumers.... Read More

Stomatal patterning in angiosperms

Judith L. Croxdale My thesis is that understanding stomatal patterning requires a holistic perspective. Since stomata are... Read More

Acid-loving microbe may be a key to mine pollution

MADISON -- A newfound microbe that eats iron and lives in acid-drenched conditions has been identified as a chief suspect... Read More

Health Belief Systems and the Psychobiology of War

Health Belief Systems and the Psychobiology of War NEIL J. ELGEE, MD, Seattle Belief systems overlie powerful biological... Read More