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Forensic DNA Typing, Second Edition: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers

Forensic DNA Typing, Second Edition: Biology, Technology, and Genetics of STR Markers   ... Read More


typing classification according to type. Origin: see type bacteriophage typing, a microbiological procedure, of... Read More


Auxotyping (Science: technique) method for strain typing neisseria by checking their requirements for specific nutrients in... Read More


Agglutination Definition What does agglutination mean? It generally refers to the process of sticking together or the... Read More

Einstein Researchers Develop Blood Substitute That Shows Promise For Use In Emergency Situations

An artificial blood product developed by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is showing great promise... Read More

Cladosporium species in indoor environments

Cladosporium is a fungus that mostly found in indoor and outdoor molds. It is a species that formed in simple or branching... Read More

Animal Water Regulation

Homeostatic control, a set environment, and how evolution and natural selection drives a species to adapt to its environment... Read More


Polymorphism Definition The occurrence of two or more different forms or morphs in the population of a species is referred... Read More


Definition noun A form of agglutination involving the red blood cells. Supplement This process is commonly applied in the... Read More

‘Personality-gene’ makes songbirds curious

Whether you are an anxious type, or a fearless person - such individual differences in personality could be partly due to... Read More

Adaptation Tutorial

Previous sections have indicated the importance of homeostatic control, the requirement of a set environment and how... Read More

The circadian basis of winter depression

Alfred J. Lewy*,, Bryan J. Lefler*, Jonathan S. Emens*, and Vance K. Bauer *Sleep and Mood Disorders Laboratory, Oregon... Read More

UCLA mathematician works to make virtual surgery a reality

A surgeon accidently kills a patient, undoes the error and starts over again. Can mathematics make such science fiction a... Read More

Geneticists tell ostrich farmers the secrets of sex

Research published in the online journal, BMC Biotechnology reports on a new, large-scale technique for distinguishing... Read More

Inventor Of Artificial Hand Sees "Bionic" Replacement Parts Becoming More Human

Inventor Of Artificial Hand Sees "Bionic" Replacement Parts Becoming More Human NEW BRUNSWICK/PISCATAWAY, N.J.... Read More

The Green Revolution: Botanical Contributions to Forensics and Drug Enforcement

Abstract Forensic botany encompasses many sub-disciplines, including plant anatomy, plant ecology, plant systematics, plant... Read More

Lack Of Sex Could Be A Signpost To Extinction, Claim Researchers

Researchers from Imperial College London believe that when species become asexual they could be on their way to... Read More

Weizmann Institute Scientists Report Why Taste And Smell Differ Among Individuals

"De gustibus non est disputandum" is a popular saying, conveying that one shouldn't argue about flavors. Now, a... Read More