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Regio urogenitalis

regio urogenitalis --> urogenital triangle The anterior portion of the perineal region containing the openings of the... Read More

When One Gene Has Two Roles, Its Second Function May Be Missed

In a surprising finding that underscores the difficulty in understanding how genes guide the developing mammalian embryo,... Read More

Targeting Specific Disease-causing Bacteria In The Mouth

April 9, 2009 — Research to develop a narrow-spectrum antibiotic that can target a particular species of bacteria without... Read More


urogenital: of or pertaining to the urinary and the reproductive systems. urogenital systems:the urinary and the genital... Read More

Receptor May Increase Risk Of Urinary Tract Infections

A newly discovered chemical compound on the surface of some women's kidney cells may explain susceptibility to urinary... Read More

Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology (8th Edition)

Laboratory Experiments in Microbiology (8th Edition)      ... Read More

Rima vulvae

rima vulvae --> pudendal cleft The cleft between the labia majora. Synonym: rima pudendi, fissura pudendi, pudendal... Read More

The Human Physiology

Physiology is the study of how living organisms function. Thus, human physiology deals specifically with the physiological... Read More

Neisseria elongata

Definition Noun A gram-negative nonmotile aerobic and oxidase positive rod shaped bacterium involved in osteomyelitis and... Read More


Gu --> genitourinary (Science: anatomy) Pertaining to the genital and urinary organs, urogenital,... Read More

Anal pit

Anal pit --> proctodeum 1. An ectodermally lined depression under the root of the tail, adjacent to the terminal part of... Read More


Bacteroides a genus of gram-negative, anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria. Its organisms are normal inhabitants of the oral,... Read More

Bifid penis

Bifid penis --> diphallus a rare congenital anomaly in which the penis is partly or completely duplicated; may be... Read More

Wolffian ridge

wolffian ridge --> urogenital ridge One of the paired longitudinal ridge's developing in the dorsal body wall of the embryo... Read More


Definition noun, plural: fistulae (1) (pathology) A narrow passage or communication formed between internal organs or from... Read More

Trefoil tendon

trefoil tendon --> central tendon of diaphragm A three-lobed fibrous sheet occupying the centre of the... Read More


Definition noun A viscous, slippery secretion of a gland that protects and lubricates surfaces Supplement Mucus refers to... Read More

Congenital pouch colon in female subjects

Congenital pouch colon in female subjectsSarin YK, Nagdeve NG, Sengar M Department of Pediatric Surgery, Maulana Azad... Read More

Identification of gene targets against dormant phase Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections

Identification of gene targets against dormant phase Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections Dennis J Murphy1 ,2 and James R... Read More