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Window level

window level The cT number setting in hounsfield units of the midpoint of the window width, which is the gray scale of the... Read More

SENI Biometric Analysis on the extinct Scincidae species: Macroscincus coctei (underlined)

Brian L. Schnirel Leeway Corucia Research Center (LCRC) Courtesy: Polyphemos (2004)   Introduction: It has been... Read More

Study offers window into human behavior, brain disease

UCSF scientists have identified a cell population that is a primary target of the degenerative brain disease known as... Read More

Nucleic Acid-Amplification Testing Further Safeguards Nation’s Blood Supply, NHLBI Study Shows

State-of-the-art testing systems to screen donated blood have improved the safety of the nation's blood supply by... Read More

What It Might Take to Unravel the ‘Lean Mean Machine’ That Is Cancer

Scientists from Sydney's Garvan Institute of Medical Research have published a paper, online in Nature Cell... Read More

Secondhand Smoke In Cars May Lead To Dangerous Levels Of Contaminants For Children

Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) can have harmful effects on children. Some of the adverse health outcomes include a greater... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury may lead to Seizure

Traumatic Brain Injury May Lead to Seizure Traumatic brain injury (TBI), traumatic injuries to the brain, also called... Read More

Introduction. Bioinformatics: from molecules to systems

Article The post-genome era is characterized by a major expansion in the available biological data. Sources of information... Read More

Mice With Parkinson’s Disease Gene May Point the Way to New Treatments

NEW YORK (June 7, 2009) — Scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College have developed a new mouse model of Parkinson’s... Read More

Gifts from the sea

Cape Cod Marine Life lures biomedical researchers to the Marine Biological Laboratory WOODS HOLE, MA, June 2005 -- It's... Read More

What Gets A Female’s Attention, At Least A Songbird’s

Male songbirds produce a subtly different tune when they are courting a female than when they are singing on their own.... Read More

Impacts of millennium drought on butterfly faunal dynamics

Butterflies are flying colored wing insects that vary in color and pattern from individual to another individual. It has... Read More

Study of protein folds offers insight into metabolic evolution

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Researchers at the University of Illinois have constructed the first global family tree of metabolic... Read More

Wisconsin Scientists Find Portal To Show Animals Evolve

        Like butterflies, different species of fruit flies decorate their wings with... Read More

NYU/Max Planck Team Unravels 200-Year Mystery Of Proton Diffusion In Water

Feb. 18th Nature Article Offers Explanation for Why Protons In Water Are So Much More Mobile Than Other Ions Findings... Read More

Scientists discover why cornea is transparent and free of blood vessels, allowing vision

Scientists at the Harvard Department of Ophthalmology's Schepens Eye Research Institute and Massachusetts Eye and Ear... Read More

Important DNA Repair Mechanism Linked To Premature Aging Yields

A team of scientists led by Priscilla Cooper, a senior staff scientist in the Life Sciences Division of the Department of... Read More

Study breaks ground in revealing how neurons generate movement

When the eye tracks a bird's flight across the sky, the visual experience is normally smooth, without interruption. But... Read More

UCSF Study Finds Nerve Regeneration Is Possible In Spinal Cord Injuries

A team of scientists at UCSF has made a critical discovery that may help in the development of techniques to promote... Read More

Study of protein folds offers insight into metabolic evolution

May 21, 2007 -- CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Researchers at the University of Illinois have constructed the first global family tree... Read More