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withers The region of the back of an animal, particularly of the horse, which lies between the shoulder blades. Origin: A.S.... Read More

Turning blood into universal “friendlier” type

One of the crucial needs that arise during or after a devastating natural disaster is the availability of the "universal"... Read More

Lizards Pull A Wheelie

June 17, 2008 — Why bother running on hind legs when the four you've been given work perfectly well? This is the question... Read More


witherband (Science: veterinary) A piece of iron in a saddle near a horse's withers, to strengthen the bow. Origin: Withers... Read More

Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry

Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry     ... Read More


Blight 1. To affect with blight; to blast; to prevent the growth and fertility of. vapor blasts vegetables, blights corn and... Read More

Onchocerca cervicalis

Onchocerca cervicalis A species common in the ligamentum nuchae of horses, mules, and asses, where it has been suspected of... Read More