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Cell signaling

The process of communication occurring between the cells and within the cell
Cell signaling is one of the modes for communication between cells, and between intercellular components within the cell. The communication may occur as mechanical or biochemical. Mechanical signal is in the form of a force exerted on the cell. In biochemical for instance, a cell sends signal to another cell by releasing substances (e.g. proteins, ions, and lipids) that transmit information.
The types of cell signaling may also be grouped according to the distance between communicating cells: (1) intracrine, (2) autocrine, (3) juxtacrine, (4) paracrine, and (5) endocrine. Intracine signaling is one that which signaling occurs within the target cell itself. Autocrine signaling is one in which the target cell releases signals that will bind to its own surface receptors or to other nearby cells of the same type. An example is that of the immune cells. Juxtacrine signaling is a type of cell signaling wherein an emitting cell communicates with adjacent target cells. Paracrine signaling is one that involves target cells that are in the vicinity of the emitting cell. Endocrine signaling is one that involves endocrine cells releasing signals (e.g. hormones) into the bloodstream to reach target distant cells.

  • cell signaling (British)

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