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Cochlear duct

The cochlear duct is the spiral tube in the bony canal of the cochlea. It is located on the outer wall of cochlea, between the scala vestibuli (also called vestibular duct) and scala tympani (tympanic duct). The duct is filled with endolymph, a bodily fluid distinct from the perilymph. The membranes that set its boundaries are the Reissner’s membrane and the basilar membrane. At the base of the basilar membrane inside the duct is the organ of Corti that is strategically positioned. This receptor organ is a strip of specialized cells crucial for mechanotransduction in mammalian ear. Synonym: scala media, ductus cochlearis.

Related terms

  • Basilar crest of cochlear duct
  • External wall of cochlear duct
  • Vestibular wall of cochlear duct

See also

  • Cochlea
  • Endolymph
  • Organ of corti
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