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noun, plural: fixations
(biological technique) The use of a fixative to preserve histological, cytological, or microbiological specimen
(zoology) The determination of type, whether by designation, or indication
(chemistry) The process in which a substance is removed from the gaseous or solution phase and localized, as in carbon dioxide fixation; The chemical removal of all undeveloped salts of the film emulsion, leaving only the developed silver forming a permanent image
(ophthalmology) The direction of the gaze so that the visual image of the object falls on the fovea centralis
(orthopedics) The act of holding, suturing, or fastening in a fixed position
(psychiatry) The arrest of development at a particular stage
(psychology) A close and suffocating attachment to another person, such as a childhood figure like one’s mother or father
Word origin: Old French fixation
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