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Gap 2 phase

(cell biology) A sub-phase in the interphase of the cell cycle wherein the cell continues to grow and then prepares for cell division
In eukaryotes, the cell cycle is a cyclical series of biological events that certain asexual cells go through. The cell cycle is comprised of these fundamental events: (1) resting phase (Gap 0), (2) interphase (Gap 1, S phase, Gap 2), and (3) cell division (i.e. mitotic phase and cytokinesis). The interphase is the period prior to cell division. Thus, it would entail two major events, particularly cell growth and DNA replication. The interphase is comprised of three stages: Gap 1 (G1), Synthesis phase (S phase), and Gap 2 (G2).
In humans, the G2 phase is a period in the cell cycle where the cell prepares for cell division. It occurs after S phase where DNA is duplicated in a semiconservative replication process. During G2 phase the cell continues to grow and readies itself for cell division. It checks itself for any DNA damage following replication. It does so through a control mechanism called G2-M DNA damage checkpoint. It provides the cell a period to correct possible errors in its genome prior to cell division. Gap 2 phase ends at the onset of prophase, i.e. the first phase of mitosis.
Abbreviation / Acronym: G2 (phase)
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