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noun, plural: individuals
(1) Any distinct person, object, or concept within a collection.
(2) A single, separate organism (animal or plant) distinguished from others of a same kind.
(1) Of, relating to, or being an individual, e.g. pertaining to a single person, animal or thing as opposed to more than one within a unity (or a collection).
(2) By a single person, organism, or thing.
(3) Being a distinct entity.
(4) Pertaining to only one person.
Word origin: From Mediaeval Latin individualis < Latin individuum (“‘an indivisible thing’”), neut. of individuus (“‘indivisible, undivided’”) < in + dividuus (“‘divisible’”).

Related forms: individualism (noun)
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  • Individual psychology
  • Individual therapy
  • Individual tolerance

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