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Origin: as. Lilie, L. Lilium, gr. Cf. Flower-de-luce.
1. (Science: botany) a plant and flower of the genus Lilium, endogenous bulbous plants, having a regular perianth of six coloured pieces, six stamens, and a superior three-celled ovary.
there are nearly fifty species, all found in the North temperate zone. Lilium candidum and L. Longiflorum are the common white lilies of gardens; L. Philadelphicum is the wild red lily of the atlantic states. L. Chalcedonicum is supposed to be the ”lily of the field in our lords parable; L. Auratum is the great gold-banded lily of japan.
2. (Science: botany) a name given to handsome flowering plants of several genera, having some resemblance in colour or form to a true lily, as pancratium, Crinum, amaryllis, Nerine, etc.
3. That end of a compass needle which should point to the north; so called as often ornamented with the figure of a lily or fleur-de-lis. But sailing further, it veers its lily to the west. (Sir t.
(Science: botany) Browne) african lily, a plant of the genus Hyacinthus. Lily iron, a kind of harpoon with a detachable head of peculiar shape, used in capturing swordfish.
(Science: botany) lily of the valley, a low perennial herb (convallaria majalis), having a raceme of nodding, fragrant, white flowers. Lily pad, the l
arge floating leaf of the water lily.
(Science: botany) tiger lily, the nymphaea, a plant with floating roundish leaves, and large flowers having many petals, usually white, but sometimes pink, red, blue, or yellow.

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