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Lymphatic duct

noun, plural: lymph ducts
A lymphatic vessel that carries lymph and drain it into the subclavian vein
The lymphatic system is a biological system that is essential in collecting and returning the fluid and proteins into the circulatory system. Thus, it is sometimes regarded as part of the circulatory system. Nonetheless, the lymphatic system is a system comprised of distinctive organs and parts such as lymph nodes, lymphatics (lymphatic vessels), lymphoid tissues, and lymph. In the circulatory system, the blood vessels carry blood throughout the body. In the lymphatic system, the lymphatic vessels carry lymph into the lymph nodes, to another lymphatic, or into the vein. The lymphatic vessels include the lymph capillaries, the collecting (contractile) lymph vessels, and the lymphatic ducts. The lymphatic ducts are the terminal lymph channels that empty into the subclavian vein to return the lymph to the venous circulation. In humans, there are two lymphatic ducts: (1) right lymphatic duct and (2) thoracic duct. The right lymphatic duct drains lymph fluid from the upper right section of the trunk, the right arm, and the ride side of the head and neck. The rest of the body is drained by the thoracic duct.
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