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A taxonomic group that holds characters descended from a single common ancestor.
Monophyletic groups form a clade which signifies that all descendants come from the same ancestor where it portrays by shared derived characters and recognized that all organisms are related in which one embraces the most recent common ancestor of the group of organisms thus, these groups are based on synapomorphy.
Examples of monophyletic group are mammalia, birds, insects and angiosperms wherein all its taxon descended from a common ancestor and such groups are also called holophyletic where it shows true clade that contains only one absolute evolutionary assemblage of taxa originating from one common ancestor.
Evolutionary taxonomist only recognized monophyletic taxa since it reveals the ancient divisions of associated divergence of organisms. Some taxonomist defines monophyletic as an assemblage of organisms that are more strictly interrelated to each other than to any other organisms where it happen when species colonizes several new geographical location that are secluded from, but environmentally related to each other.
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