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noun, plural: perfusions
(physiology) The act of perfusing, such as the pouring over or through of a fluid by way of the blood vessels or lymphatic system to the organ or a tissue
Perfusion is a natural process. It is when the body delivers blood through the capillary bed into the biological tissue. But it is also done artificially, particularly in medicine. In this regard, perfusion is done by pumping a fluid, such as a drug, by way of the blood vessels in order to reach an organ or a tissue.
Perfusion is checked in a patient in order to verify if there is sufficient perfusion. Otherwise, it is done by a medical practitioner to ensure adequate perfusion of tissues. Terms such as hypoperfusion and hyperperfusion are used to describe perfusion levels. Hypoperfusion refers to the condition wherein there is a decreased perfusion (blood flow) in an organ or tissue. Hyperperfusion, in contrast, is one in which there is an increased perfusion.
Word origin: Latin perfūsiōn-, of perfūsiō (a drenching)
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