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noun, plural: procambia
(botany) The primary meristem where the primary vascular tissues develop from
A meristem (meristematic tissue) is a type of plant tissue responsible for the growth of a plant. It is comprised of undifferentiated cells that are active in cell division. Some of the cells will continue to form new cells while others will develop into partially differentiated cells that develop into more specialized type of cells. For instance, some of them develop into an epidermis whereas others into a vascular tissue. The meristem may be classified into primary or secondary. The primary meristem is the one responsible for the primary growth of the plant. It is concerned chiefly in increasing the length or height of the plant as opposed to the secondary meristem that is responsible for the increase in girth (thickness). The primary meristem in the root and shoot apices are referred to as apical meristem. In vascular plants, the apical meristem may give rise to the protoderm, the procambium, or the ground meristem. The meristem that develops into primary vascular tissues, in particular, is referred to as the procambium. The procambium is located next to the protoderm. The procambium gives rise to cells that make up the primary xylem and the primary phloem. Aside from the primary vascular tissues, the vascular cambium and the cork cambium may also arise from the procambium.

  • provascular tissue

See also:

  • meristem
  • apical meristem
  • primary meristem
  • primary xylem
  • primary phloem
  • Related form(s):

    • procambial (adjective, of, relating to, or characterized by procambium)

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