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Renal column

noun, plural: renal columns
A column-like extension of the renal cortex in the renal medulla
A vertebrate kidney has two major regions: (1) renal cortex and (2) renal medulla. The renal cortex is the outer region whereas the renal medulla is the inner region of the kidney. The renal cortex lies in between the renal capsule and the renal medulla. It is the site where the glomeruli, the proximal convoluted tubules, and the distal convoluted tubules are located. Blood vessels and cortical collecting ducts are also present in the renal cortex. The renal cortex is the site of ultrafiltration of blood as well as erythropoietin production.
The renal cortex extends through the renal medulla. It forms cortical columns in between the renal pyramids. Renal pyramids are the conical structures that, collectively, form the renal medulla. The renal columns help the renal cortex to be better anchored.
Similar to the renal cortex, the renal columns contain several lines of blood vessels. Apart from the blood vessels, urinary tubules and fibrous material are also present in the renal columns.

  • Bertin column
  • column of Bertin

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