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1. Soft, moist earth or clay, having an adhesive quality; viscous mud. As it Nilus ebbs, the seedsman Upon the slime and ooze scatters his grain. (Shak)
2. Any mucilaginous substance; any substance of a dirty nature, that is moist, soft, and adhesive.
3. Bitumen. Slime had they for mortar. (gen. Xi. 3)
4. (Science: chemical) mud containing metallic ore, obtained in the preparatory dressing.
5. (Science: physiology) A mucuslike substance which exudes from the bodies of certain animals. Slime eel.
(Science: zoology) See hag. Slime pit, a pit for the collection of slime or bitumen.
Origin: OE. Slim, AS. Slim; akin to D. Slijm, G. Schleim, MHG. Slimen to make smooth, Icel. Slim slime, Dan. Sliim; cf. L. Limare to file, polish, levis smooth, Gr.; or cf. L. Limus mud.

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