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SsRNA-RT virus

noun, plural: ssRNA-RT viruses
Single-stranded RNA virus with a positive sense, single stranded RNA genome but with a DNA intermediate not only in replication but also in mRNA synthesis
Viruses are submicroscopic entities that grow or reproduce only when inside a host cell. They are non-cellular but consisting of a core of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat.
Viruses may be grouped according to their type of genome, i.e. DNA, RNA, single-stranded (ss), double-stranded (ds) etc., and their method of replication. This system of classification is called Baltimore Classification. Accordingly,

  • Class I : double stranded DNA viruses or dsDNA viruses
  • Class II : single stranded DNA viruses or ssDNA viruses
  • Class III : double stranded RNA viruses or dsRNA viruses
  • Class IV : positive sense, single stranded RNA viruses or (+) ssRNA viruses
  • Class V : negative sense, single stranded RNA viruses or (-) ssRNA viruses
  • Class VI : single stranded RNA-RT viruses or ssRNA-RT viruses
  • Class VII : double stranded DNA viruses or dsDNA-RT viruses

Single stranded RNA-RT (ssRNA-RT) viruses belong to class VI of viruses characterized as viruses containing single-stranded RNA as the genetic material. The virus belonging to this group has a positive sense, single-stranded RNA genome but with a DNA intermediate not only in replication but also in mRNA synthesis.
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