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noun, plural: vomits
The contents of a stomach expelled through the mouth, and sometimes through the nose
To throw up; to disgorge; to puke; to eject contents of the stomach through the mouth
Vomit refers to the contents of the stomach that is expelled outside through the mouth. The act or process of ejecting vomit is called emesis or vomiting. It is an involuntary action whereby the contents of the stomach are forcefully ejected through the mouth. There are also instances when the vomit is ejected via the nose apart from the mouth. It may also lead to a serious complication when the gag reflex fails resulting in the gastric contents reaching the respiratory tract. Some people self-induce vomit to eject food especially that was recently ingested. This behavior is a form of an eating disorder and is referred to in particular as bulimia nervosa or purging disorder.
The causes of vomiting may be due to motion sickness or to an ill condition that makes one feel nauseated. Examples of such conditions are gastritis and intracranial pressure due to brain tumors. Vomiting may also occur when poisoned. Antiemetics are drugs administered to suppress vomiting.
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  • nausea

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