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Avascular (Science: pathology) without blood or lymphatic vessels; may be a normal state as in certain forms of cartilage,... Read More


Definition of Lacuna What is lacuna? The word "lacuna" (noun, plural: lacunae) is derived from the Latin word- 'lacus',... Read More


Definition noun (biochemistry) An equilibrium constant for dissociation (biochemistry) An abbreviation for kilodalton, also... Read More

Aqueous humor

Definition noun, plural: aqueous humors A clear, watery body fluid secreted by the ciliary epithelium, and fills the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: placentae or placentas (1) (zoology) The vascular organ formed during gestation of female mammals... Read More


Definition noun, plural: necroses Premature death of cells in a living tissue or organ caused by the progressive degradative... Read More


media (Science: pathology) avascular middle layer of the artery wall, composed of alternating layers of elastic fibres and... Read More

Interzonal mesenchyme

Interzonal mesenchyme An area of avascular mesenchyme between adjacent skeletal elements in the embryo; it denotes the... Read More