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(noun) Plural form of cirrus. See cirrus for definition and additional... Read More


Definition noun, plural: cirri (botany) A tendril or clasper or similar part. (zoology) (1) A bundle or tuft of cilia... Read More


Definition (zoology) Plural form of neuropodium, the ventral lobe or branch of a parapodium (neuroanatomy) synaptic... Read More


Articulus Origin: L. See article. (Science: zoology) a joint of the cirri of the Crinoidea; a joint or segment of an... Read More


thoracica (Science: zoology) A division of cirripeds including those which have six thoracic segments, usually bearing six... Read More


tubicolae (Science: zoology) A division of annelids including those which construct, and habitually live in, tubes. The head... Read More


Definition ‘’adjective'' Of, relating to, or having cirrus (or cirri). Supplement Word origin: Latin, a curl, tuft,... Read More

European lancelet

Definition noun, plural: European lancelets A lancelet species of the genus Branchiostoma and is commonly used as a model... Read More