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Coiled body

Definition noun plural: coiled bodies coiled bod•y, kɔɪld ˈbɒd i (cell biology) Synonym of Cajal body, i.e. a type... Read More

Cajal body

Definition noun plural: Cajal bodies (cell biology) A nuclear body involved in RNA processing (i.e. post-translational... Read More

Nervous System

    THE is the most complicated and highly organized of the various systems which make up the human body. It is the... Read More

The Human Physiology

In order to fully understand the mechanisms of human physiology it is important to have an understanding of the chemical... Read More

Tiny Shock Absorbers Help Bacteria Stick Around Inside The Body

       This illustration shows an E. coli bacterium with... Read More

Vascular plants

Definition of Vascular plants The term 'vascular' is derived from the Latin word vāsculum, vās, meaning "a container and... Read More


Definition of Gamete What is a gamete? A gamete is the mature reproductive or sex cell that contains a haploid number of... Read More

Coral polyp

Definition noun, plural: coral polyps (marine biology) An invertebrate species of the class Anthozoa that may live either... Read More


Spermiogenesis definition Spermiogenesis is the stage of spermatogenesis wherein the spermatids differentiate into mature... Read More


Proboscis Definition What is proboscis? A proboscis refers to an elongated or projecting appendage in the head region of... Read More

Body of sweat gland

Body of sweat gland The coiled tubular secretory portion of a sweat Gland located in the subcutaneous tissue or deep in the... Read More

Eccrine gland

Eccrine gland (Science: anatomy, dermatology) a coiled tubular sweat Gland (other than apocrine gland's) that occurs in the... Read More