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Colloid (Science: chemistry) microscopic particles suspended in some sort of liquid medium. The particles are between one... Read More


Emulsoid a colloidal dispersion in which the dispersed particles are more or less liquid and exert a certain attraction on... Read More


Hydrophilic Definition What does a hydrophile (or hydrophilic molecule) mean? If a molecule is “water-loving”, it is... Read More


Definition noun, plural: solutions (chemistry) A type of homogenous mixture in which the particles of one or more substances... Read More


Definition noun, plural: suspensions (1) (biochemistry) The state in which the particles of a substance are dispersed but... Read More


Dextran high molecular weight polysaccharides synthesised by some micro organisms. Consist of D glucose linked by - 1,6... Read More

Pas stain

PAS stain --> periodic acid Schiff stain (Science: technique) A histochemical technique based on periodic acid oxidation... Read More


Where a plant grows and what resources are available to it is of vital importance to the life of a plant. The soil type and... Read More