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Definition noun, plural: crura (anatomy) Lower leg; a bodily part likened to a leg or pair of legs (taxonomy) A subgenus of... Read More

Crus sinistrum fasciculi atrioventricularis

Crus sinistrum fasciculi atrioventricularis --> left crus of atrioventricular bundle The left leg or branch of the... Read More

Greater alar cartilage

Greater alar cartilage One of a pair of cartilages that form the tip of the nose. It consists of a medial crus that extends... Read More

Tractus temporopontinus

tractus temporopontinus --> temporopontine tract A fibre group originating in the cerebral cortex of the temporal lobe,... Read More

Basis pedunculi

Basis pedunculi The base of the midbrain consisting of the crus cerebri and substantia nigra. See: cerebral... Read More