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Genetically significant dose

Genetically significant dose (Science: physics, radiobiology) The genetically significant dose is that which, if received by... Read More

Divided dose

Divided dose a definite fraction of a full dose; given repeatedly at short intervals so that the full dose is taken within a... Read More


Dose 1. (Science: pharmacology) a quantity to be administered at one time, such as a specified amount of medication. 2.... Read More

Initial dose

Initial dose a comparatively large dose given at the beginning of treatment to get the patient under the influence of the... Read More

Tissue culture infectious dose

Definition noun A unit quantifying the amount of cytopathogenic agents to cause cytopathic effect in 50% of inoculated cell... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

Maintenance dose

Maintenance dose --> maintenance drug therapy in chemotherapy, systematic dosage at a level that maintains protection... Read More


Dose-escalation a preliminary clinical trial in which the amount of the drug is either periodically increased or increased... Read More


Mutagen Definition What is a mutagen? A mutagen is a substance or agent that causes DNA impairment that results in the... Read More


Hyperosmotic Definition The word Hyperosmotic is derived from two Greek words: 'hyper', meaning “excess” and 'osmos',... Read More

Youngs rule

Young's rule An obsolete rule to determine a child's dose: 12 is added to the child's age and the sum is divided by the age;... Read More

Tissue culture

Definition noun, plural: tissue cultures (1) The technique of culturing animal or plant tissue in a controlled medium away... Read More

Chemotherapeutic index

Chemotherapeutic index The ratio of the minimal effective dose of a chemotherapeutic agent to the maximal tolerated dose.... Read More

Ecological Research: Measuring & Analysis

By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga Previously in this lesson, we learned that high biodiversity is essential to a healthy... Read More


Lo --> lo dose (Science: pharmacology) The limes nul dose of diphtheria toxin, i.e., the largest amount of toxin that,... Read More

Tissue weighting factor

tissue weighting factor In radiation protection, a factor weighting the equivalent dose in a particular tissue or organ in... Read More


Gy --> gray (Science: radiobiology, unit) The new international system unit (si unit) of absorbed dose of radiation (gy),... Read More


Gray (Science: radiobiology, unit) The new international system unit (si unit) of absorbed dose of radiation (gy), 1 gy = 1... Read More

Effect of Chemicals on Growth & Development in Organisms

Plants Plants require a large number of elements to function properly, mainly carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, essentially... Read More

Neomorphic mutation

Definition noun (genetics) A type of mutation wherein the change in gene leads to an atypically new function of the... Read More

Hypermorphic mutation

Definition noun (genetics) A type of mutation wherein the change in gene leads to an increase in normal (wild-type) gene... Read More

Independent variable

Independent Variable Definition To define independent variable, let us first understand what a variable is. The word... Read More

Sodium bicarbonate

sodium bicarbonate (Science: chemical) carbonic acid monosodium salt (CHNaO3). A white, crystalline powder that is used as... Read More


selectivity (Science: pharmacology) The degree to which a dose of a drug produces the desired effect in relation to adverse... Read More


Definition noun One of the many isotopes of sodium, with an atomic weight of 24 and 14.96 hour... Read More


weak 1. Wanting physical strength. Specifically: deficient in strength of body; feeble; infirm; sickly; debilitated;... Read More


Definition noun, plural: (general) A small case, envelope, or covering. (anatomy) (1) A membranous sac or integument,... Read More

Cytopathic effect

Definition noun A degenerative change in the appearance of cells, especially in tissue culture when exposed to viruses,... Read More


rad (Science: radiobiology) A unit of absorbed dose: One rad is 0.01 joule absorbed per kilogram of any material. (Also... Read More

Sodium hydrogen carbonate

sodium hydrogen carbonate --> sodium bicarbonate (Science: chemical) carbonic acid monosodium salt (CHNaO3). A white,... Read More


Administer 1. To manage or conduct, as public affairs; to direct or superintend the execution, application, or conduct of;... Read More

Bolus injection

Definition noun The injection of drug in a bolus, i.e. a large volume, at once Supplement A bolus injection is the... Read More


Definition noun (pharmacology) The alkaloid responsible for the poisonous effects of curare Supplement Curarine is an... Read More


Definition noun (1) Common name for the plant species, Strychnos toxifera (2) The substance containing the alkaloid... Read More


Draft 1. A current of air in a confined space. 2. A quantity of liquid medicine ordered as a single dose. Synonym:... Read More


Ld (Science: abbreviation) lethal... Read More


Build-up (Science: radiobiology) The increase in absorbed dose with depth below the surface in a material irradiated by a... Read More