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3D CT Scans Lead to More Successful Treatment of Varicose Veins in the Lower Extremities

3D CT scans provide a more comprehensive view of complex varicose veins (one of the most common diseases in the world) in... Read More

Cryobiology: The Study of Life and Death at Low Temperatures

by Gregory M. Fahy, PhD Cryobiology -- usually thought of as the study of the effects of subfreezing temperatures on... Read More


Extremity (Science: anatomy) a limb, an arm or leg (membrum), sometimes applied specifically to a hand or... Read More

Lower extremities

Lower extremity --> lower limb The hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot. Synonym: membrum inferius, inferior limb, lower... Read More

Upper extremities

upper extremity --> upper limb The shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist, and hand. Synonym: membrum superius, superior limb,... Read More

Pipe bone

pipe bone --> long bone One of the elongated bones of the extremities, consisting of a tubular shaft (diaphysis) and two... Read More

Sneddon syndrome

sneddon syndrome (Science: syndrome) A syndrome of livedo reticularis and cerebrovascular lesions involving all the... Read More

Decorticate rigidity

Decorticate rigidity a unilateral or bilateral postural change, consisting of the upper extremities flexed and adducted and... Read More

Long bone

Long bone One of the elongated bones of the extremities, consisting of a tubular shaft (diaphysis) and two extremities... Read More

Human Neurology

The nervous system is essentially a biological information highway, and is responsible for controlling all the biological... Read More

Nevus unius lateris

nevus unius lateris A congenital systematised linear nevus limited to one side of the body or to portions of the extremities... Read More

Inferior vena cava

Inferior vena cava The large venous trunk which receives blood from the lower extremities and from the pelvic and abdominal... Read More


Acroataxia refers to the ataxia affecting the distal portion of the limbs, such as hands, fingers, feet, and toes. That is... Read More

Mutilating keratoderma

mutilating keratoderma diffuse keratoderma of the extremities, with the development during childhood of constricting fibrous... Read More

Syndesmosis tibiofibularis

syndesmosis tibiofibularis --> tibiofibular syndesmosis The fibrous union of the tibia and fibula consisting of the... Read More

Mexican spotted fever

mexican spotted fever (Science: infectious disease) An acute tick-borne illness caused by the bacteria rickettsia... Read More

Shaft of radius

shaft of radius The triangular body of the radius located between the expanded proximal and distal extremities of the... Read More


osteomatoid An abnormal nodule or small mass of overgrowth of bone, usually occurring bilaterally and symmetrically, in... Read More

Osteoma osteoid

osteoma, osteoid benign circumscribed tumour of spongy bone occurring especially in the bones of the extremities and... Read More

Osteoma medullare

osteoma medullare An osteoma containing spaces that are filled (or partly filled) with various elements of bone... Read More

Transient acantholytic dermatosis

transient acantholytic dermatosis A pruritic papular eruption, with histologic suprabasal acantholysis, of the chest, with... Read More

Right ventricular failure

right ventricular failure An weakening of the right ventricle that results in the back up of blood in the venous system,... Read More

Mal de meleda

Mal de meleda endemic symmetrical keratoderma of the extremities occurring on the island of Meleda off the coast of... Read More

Pink disease

pink disease --> acrodynia pain in the... Read More

Werdnig-hoffmann disease

werdnig-hoffmann disease A recessively inherited acute infantile form of motor neuropathy with proximal muscle wasting... Read More

Tick fever

tick fever --> rocky mountain spotted fever (Science: infectious disease) An acute febrile (feverish) disease initially... Read More

Cutaneous albinism

Cutaneous albinism An autosomal dominant condition characterised by patterned loss of skin pigment on extremities and... Read More

Phaeomycotic cyst

phaeomycotic cyst A subcutaneous cystic granuloma caused by pigmented fungi, usually solitary and located on the... Read More

Blue toe syndrome

Blue toe syndrome (Science: syndrome) Atherothrombotic microembolism of the lower extremities due to recurrent cholesterol... Read More

Sweets syndrome

Sweet's syndrome (Science: syndrome) This rare condition is characterised by red-brown plaques and nodules that are... Read More


Acromicria The antithesis of acromegaly; a condition in which the bones of the face and extremities are small and delicate;... Read More

Rye smut

rye smut --> ergot (Science: botany) A disease of cereal plants (rye, wheat, etc.) caused by the fungus claviceps purpurea,... Read More

Benign tetanus

Benign tetanus a disorder marked by intermittent tonic muscular contractions of the extremities, especially the hands and... Read More


Acromegaly (Science: endocrinology) a condition that results from the excess production of growth hormone in the anterior... Read More


Triplegia paralysis of an upper and a lower extremity and of the face, or of both extremities on one side and of one on the... Read More


Acrodysesthesia abnormal and unpleasant sensations in the peripheral portions of the extremities. Origin: acro--... Read More

Acrodermatitis vesiculosa tropica

Acrodermatitis vesiculosa tropica a form occurring in hot climates in which the skin of the extremities is glossy and shows... Read More

Mitchells disease

Mitchell's disease --> erythromelalgia disease marked by paroxysmal, bilateral vasodilatation, particularly of the... Read More

Nail plate

nail plate --> nail 1. (Science: anatomy) The horny scale of plate of epidermis at the end of the fingers and toes of man... Read More

Launois-bensaude syndrome

Launois-bensaude syndrome --> multiple symmetric lipomatosis accumulation and progressive enlargement of collections of... Read More