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Skeletal system

An organ system whose primary function is for structural support and protection, and consists basically of bones, cartilages, ligaments, and tendons
An organ system, (sometimes simply system), is a group of organs that work together to carry out a particular task. In humans and other animals, the organ systems are integumentary system, lymphatic system, muscular system, nervous system, reproductive system, urinary system, respiratory system, skeletal system, and immune system.
The skeletal system is an organ system that serves as the framework of the body of an organism. It consists of the connective tissues where other structures such as bones, cartilages, ligaments, and tendons are formed. The skeleton pertains to all the bones and cartilages of an organism. It may be an endoskeleton or an exoskeleton. An endoskeleton is one in which the skeletal structures are found within the body. An exoskeleton is a type of skeleton that is found outside the body of the organism. Most vertebrates have an endoskeleton. In humans, the skeleton is an endoskeleton-type, consisting of 206 bones. The tiniest bones are found in the middle ear whereas the largest bone is the femur. Animals such as crabs, shrimps, insects, and many other invertebrates have an exoskeleton.
Also called:

  • systema skeletale

See also:

  • bone
  • cartilage
  • ligament
  • tendon
  • connective tissue
  • skeleton

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