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Facies masticatoria

Facies masticatoria --> denture occlusal surface That portion of the surface of a denture that makes contact or near... Read More

Cherubic facies

Cherubic facies The characteristic child-like facies seen in cherubism; also seen in glycogenosis, particularly type... Read More

Facies sacropelvina ossis ilii

Facies sacropelvina ossis ilii --> sacropelvic surface of ilium The medial surface of the ilium behind and below the... Read More

Facies inferior linguae

Facies inferior linguae --> inferior surface of tongue The surface of the tongue that faces the floor of the oral cavity,... Read More

Facies posterior

Facies posterior --> posterior surface The surface of a part of the body that faces toward the posterior part of the body.... Read More

Facies inferior cerebri

Facies inferior cerebri --> base of brain The inferior surface of the brain visible when seen from below. Synonym: facies... Read More

Facies dorsalis

Facies dorsalis --> dorsal surface The dorsal surface of a structure such as the sacrum and the scapula. Synonym: facies... Read More


Facies (Science: clinical sign) expression or appearance of the face. Some disease states or genetic disorders have... Read More

Moon face

Definition noun The face swelling up into a rounded or moon shape, with large jowls, due to increased fat deposition... Read More

Contact surface of tooth

Contact surface of tooth The surface of a tooth that faces an adjacent tooth in the dental arch; the contact surface that is... Read More

Inferior surface of tongue

Inferior surface of tongue The surface of the tongue that faces the floor of the oral cavity, its mucosa being thin, smooth... Read More

Cortical convexity

Cortical convexity --> superolateral surface of cerebrum The aspect of the cerebral hemisphere that lies in contact with... Read More


Face 1. The exterior form or appearance of anything; that part which presents itself to the view; especially, the front or... Read More

Articular surface

Definition The surface of a joint at which the ends of the bones meet. Supplement Joints may be classified based on the... Read More


Definition (1) Situated behind or toward the rear of. (2) Near or toward the caudal end of an animal, especially... Read More

Lunate surface of acetabulum

Lunate surface of acetabulum The curved articular surface that surrounds the acetabular fossa and articulates with the head... Read More

Posterior brachial region

posterior brachial region --> posterior region of arm The back of arm. Synonym: facies brachialis posterior, regio... Read More


Definition noun, plural: steroids Any of the group of fat-soluble organic compounds containing four rings arranged in a... Read More


Facial Origin: L. Facialis from facies = face of or pertaining to the face. Cranial Nerve that supplies facial... Read More

Lateral surface

Lateral surface The surface of a part of the body that faces away from the midline. The na recognises a lateral surface on... Read More