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Monoamine oxidase inhibitors

monoamine oxidase inhibitors A chemically heterogeneous group of drugs that have in common the ability to block oxidative... Read More

Bowman birk protease inhibitors

Bowman birk protease inhibitors (Science: pharmacology) family of serine protease inhibitors found in seeds of leguminous... Read More

Hiv protease inhibitors

Hiv protease inhibitors inhibitors of hiv protease, an enzyme required for production of proteins needed for viral... Read More

Enzymes coenzymes and enzyme inhibitors

Enzymes, coenzymes, and enzyme inhibitors proteins or rna that act as biological catalysts, their cofactors, and... Read More

Serotonin uptake inhibitors

serotonin uptake inhibitors compounds that specifically inhibit the reuptake of serotonin in the brain. This increases the... Read More

Allosteric Inhibitors

See allosteric Enzyme. Inhibitors act as 'modulators' in enzyme execution as they can attach themselves to a molecule that... Read More

Serine proteinase inhibitors

serine proteinase inhibitors exogenous or endogenous compounds which inhibit serine... Read More

Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase

tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (Science: cell biology) family of proteins of around 200 residues that can inhibit... Read More

Protease inhibitors

protease inhibitors compounds which inhibit or antagonise biosynthesis or actions of... Read More

Lipoxygenase inhibitors

Lipoxygenase inhibitors compounds or agents that combine with lipoxygenase and thereby prevent its substrate-enzyme... Read More

Platelet aggregation inhibitors

platelet aggregation inhibitors drugs or agents which antagonise or impair any mechanism leading to blood platelet... Read More

Selective monoamine reuptake inhibitors

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of antidepressants for treating depression, anxiety disorders... Read More

Growth inhibitors

Growth inhibitors endogenous or exogenous substances which inhibit the normal growth of human and animal cells or... Read More

Enzyme inhibitors

Enzyme inhibitors compounds or agents that combine with an enzyme in such a manner as to prevent the normal substrate-enzyme... Read More

Cysteine proteinase inhibitors

Cysteine proteinase inhibitors exogenous and endogenous compounds which inhibit cysteine... Read More

Enzymes: A Practical Introduction to Structure, Mechanism, and Data Analysis

Enzymes: A Practical Introduction to Structure, Mechanism, and Data Analysis ... Read More

Gene-regulating enzyme is also a target for anti-depressive drugs

Anti-cancer possibilities seen for certain monoamine oxidase inhibitors (Philadelphia) — In 2005, professor Ramin... Read More

Scientist Develops Enzyme Inhibitor That May Slow Cancer Growth

University of Illinois scientist Tim Garrow, in collaboration with Jiri Jiracek of the Czech Academy of Sciences, has... Read More

The worry of a cancer cell

I am one of the trillions of cells in human body. In our family of cells, I’m a naughty member. I hate walking the... Read More

New class of drug offers hope to treatment-resistant AIDS patients

Major license to Georgia biopharmaceutical company benefits UGA Athens, Ga. – For the estimated millions of AIDS patients... Read More

Heart failure patients do better when treated according to guidelines, but too many doctors still fail to prescribe the best treatments

Heart failure patients who are treated in accordance with established European guidelines do better than patients who are... Read More

An efficient rapid system for profiling the cellular activities of molecular libraries

Jonathan S. Melnick*,, Jeff Janes,, Sungjoon Kim,,, Jim Y. Chang, Daniel G. Sipes, Drew Gunderson, Laura Jarnes, Jason T.... Read More

Functional diversity of HIV-1 envelope proteins expressed by contemporaneous plasma viruses

Tamara Nora , Francine Bouchonnet , Béatrice Labrosse , Charlotte Charpentier , Fabrizio Mammano , François Clavel and... Read More

In Chemical Genetics, A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery

A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery in Chemical Genetics Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have developed a new... Read More

Scientists Catch "Molecular Snapshot" Of COX-2 In Action

A team of Vanderbilt University biochemists and pharmaceutical industry researchers have caught a "molecular... Read More

A new species of amyloid peptide

Bethesda, MD – Scientists have identified a new, longer species of amyloid β-peptide that has the potential to be a new... Read More

New Computational Tool for Cancer Treatment

Many human tumors express indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO), an enzyme which mediates an immune-escape in several cancer... Read More

New Compound Class Found To Trigger Changes In Cell Garbage Can

Researchers have discovered a novel class of compounds that affects the cell's garbage disposal system which degrades... Read More

Enzyme may hold key to new treatment of diabetic kidney disease

CHICAGO --- Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researchers have found that an enzyme called ACE2 may hold... Read More

Massey researchers induce cell death in leukemia

Researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center today presented preclinical research at the... Read More


Reviewed by: Todd Smith, PhD Definition noun plural: enzymes en·zyme, ˈɛnzaɪm (biochemistry) A... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

Food peptides activate bitter taste receptors

Researchers from the Monell Center and Tokyo University of Agriculture have used a novel molecular method to identify... Read More

Cholinesterase inhibitors

Cholinesterase inhibitor (Science: pharmacology) These are substances which which act to inhibit acetylcholinesterase, the... Read More


Inhibitor (Science: chemistry, pharmacology) a molecule which represses or prevents another molecule from engaging in a... Read More


Batroxostatin --> disintegrin (Science: protein) peptides found in the venoms of various snakes of the viper family, that... Read More

A gas, Viagra and sex in plants – researchers at the IGC have found a link

Viagra affects growth of the male sex organ of plants, by intensifying the effect of nitric oxide during plant... Read More

Bacterial toxin closes gate on immune response, Penn researchers discover

Implications for finding new ways to fight MRSA PHILADELPHIA - Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of... Read More

How Complex Movements Of Enzymes Make Fat

Feb. 20, 2009 — A groundbreaking study has revealed in great detail how enzymes in the cell cooperate to make fat. These... Read More

Yale Researchers Solve Structure Of The Ribosome

Groundbreaking Achievement "Like Climbing Mount Everest" In a landmark achievement, Yale researchers have... Read More