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A New Theory on the Origin of Animal Multicellularity

Multicellular life, purportedly, started around 600 million years ago. From single-celled, certain organisms eventually... Read More

Living things

Living Things Definition A living things pertains to any organism or a life form that possesses or shows the... Read More


Life Definition noun, plural: lives (1) A distinctive characteristic of a living organism from dead organism or non-living... Read More


Definition noun A condition or state of having or being composed of many cells or more than one cell performing differing... Read More

Great Oxygenation Event

Definition noun The appearance of dioxygen (O2) in the atmosphere of the earth as a result of biological activity,... Read More


Definition noun plural: biogeneses (1) The process in which life forms arise from similar life forms (2) A theory that... Read More


Definition adjective Having or consisting of many cells or more than one cell to perform all vital... Read More


Definition noun A condition or state in which an organism carries out all functions within one cell. Supplement Word origin:... Read More