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Petri dish

Definition noun, plural: Petri dishes A circular dish made of glass or plastic and with a loose-fitting cover, used in... Read More

UCSD researchers develop ‘smart petri dish’

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have developed what they call a "Smart Petri Dish" that... Read More

Isolation of murine splenocytes

Overview In order to study spleen cells (e.g. lymphocytes, granulocytes, other immune cells), it helps to make single-cell... Read More

3-D cell culture: Making cells feel right at home

HOUSTON -- (March 15, 2010) -- The film "Avatar" isn't the only 3-D blockbuster making a splash this winter. A... Read More

Replica plating

replica plating (Science: technique) technique for testing the genetic characteristics of bacterial colonies. A dilute... Read More

Scientist finds best way to measure soil fertility is – in a Mason jar

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In a world of technological advancements, a simple wide-mouthed, one-pint Mason jar is the foundation... Read More

University Of Illinois At Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue

University Of Illinois At Chicago Researchers Create Lifelike Cardiac Tissue Under a $1.86 million grant from the National... Read More

Ex vivo

Definition adjective, adverb (Of a biological process) made to occur in or on a biological tissue but in an artificial... Read More

Axenic culture

Definition noun A microbial culture that contains only one species, variety, or strain of... Read More

Sex: It’s Costly But Worth It. Just Ask A Microbe

The next time you mutter about the high cost of relationship maintenance, take comfort in knowing that microbes share your... Read More

Enhancing Regeneration: Animal Study Suggests Novel Way To Reverse Heart-attack Damage

Using a two-drug approach, researchers at Children's Hospital Boston have demonstrated that it may be possible to rescue... Read More

Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development

Scientists Discover New Gene Essential For The Development Of Normal Brain Connections Resulting From Sensory Input    ... Read More

Taking The Animal Out Of Animal Testing — Applied Biophysics, Harnesses Technology For Cell Research

Troy, N.Y. - A Rensselaer Incubator company has commercialized a technology that may take the animal out of animal... Read More

New study shows that bacteria can communicate through the air

This month, Journal of Applied Microbiology publishes a ground-breaking study demonstrating that bacteria which are... Read More