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potentiation (Science: physiology) increase in quantal release at a synapse following repetitive stimulation. Whereas... Read More

Amyloid beta protein restores hippocampal long term potentiation: a central role for cholesterol?

32nd Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Proceedings article# Amyloid beta protein restores hippocampal long term... Read More

Fragile X Syndrome: A Stimulating Environment Restores Neuronal Function In Mice

May 25, 2007 — A new study of the malfunctioning neuronal machinery of Fragile X syndrome reveals that it can be restored... Read More

Actions of Caffeine in the Brain with Special Reference to Factors That Contribute to Its Widespread Use

IV. Actions of Caffeine on Brain Functions and Behavior Having discussed the molecular and neuronal actions of caffeine,... Read More

New Research Sheds Light On Memory By Erasing It

For years, scientists have studied the molecular basis of memory storage, trying to find the molecules that store memory,... Read More

The emerging neurobiology of cholesterol

Mike A Simmonds Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, 29/39 Brunswick Square London WC1N 1AX UK, email:... Read More

Mechanism of nicotine’s learning effects explored

While nicotine is highly addictive, researchers have also shown the drug to enhance learning and memory—a property that... Read More

Special protein helps maintain an efficient brain

May 19, 2009 -- MADISON - The instruction manual for maintaining an efficient brain may soon include a section on... Read More

Why It Is Easy To Encode New Memories But Hard To Hold Onto Them

July 14, 2009 — Memories aren't made of actin filaments. But their assembly is crucial for long-term potentiation (LTP),... Read More


Definition noun A branch of neuroscience that is concerned with the physiology of the nervous system Supplement Neuroscience... Read More