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Definition noun (pharmacology) A bitter, crystalline, alkaloid powder extracted from Cinchona bark used for medical purposes... Read More


Angiosperms Definition What is an angiosperm? An angiosperm is a plant that produces flowers. The angiosperms, also... Read More

Arrow poison

Definition noun Any toxin used for making arrow heads, spears, or darts poisonous Supplement Arrow poisons are toxins used... Read More


Alkaloid (Science: chemistry, pharmacology) One of a large group of nitrogenous substances found in naturally in plants.... Read More


-ine 1. (Science: chemistry, suffix) a suffix, indicating that those substances of whose names it is a part are basic, and... Read More


Definition noun, plural: analgesics (pharmacology) A drug used to relieve pain without causing loss of consciousness; the... Read More

Bitter tonic

Bitter tonic a tonic of bitter taste, such as quinine, gentian, quassia, etc., which acts chiefly by stimulating the... Read More