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radicle (Science: plant biology) The portion of an embryo that gives rise to the root system of a plant. Compare:... Read More

Adventitious root

Definition noun, plural: advemtitious roots A root growing on the stem, leaf, or other body parts apart from the usual the... Read More


root (Science: botany) The water- and mineral-absorbing part of a plant which is usually underground, does not bear leaves,... Read More


Incumbent Of the orientation of an embryo, with the cotyledons lying face to face and folded downwards beside the radicle,... Read More


Definition noun, plural: seedlings (botany) A young sporophyte that grows from a seed; a (recent) sprout Supplement A... Read More


Definition noun (1) (botany) The bud of a young plant; the portion of the plant embryo giving rise to the first true leaves,... Read More


Hypocotyl (Science: plant biology) part of the axis of a plant embryo or seedling between the point of insertion of the... Read More


Coleorhiza (Science: plant biology) Closed hollow cylinder or sheath of leaf like tissue surrounding and protecting the... Read More