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Definition noun, plural: segmentation (1) (embryology) Cleavage, i.e. the repeated division of a fertilized ovum forming... Read More

Segmentation gene

Definition noun, plural: segmentation genes (1) Any of the genes involved in the early stages of pattern formation in the... Read More


Arthropod Definition What is an arthropod? An arthropod is an invertebrate living organism characterized by the presence of... Read More

Segment polarity gene

Definition noun A segmentation gene whose function is to define the anterior and posterior polarities within each embryonic... Read More

Segmentation cavity

Definition noun The fluid-filled cavity inside the early forms of embryo, e.g. of blastula. Supplement The presence of this... Read More


Definition noun The condition of possessing or forming a linear series of body segments Supplement Metamerism is a condition... Read More

Homeotic selector gene

Definition noun Any of the zygotic genes expressed subsequently after segmentation genes, and whose function specifies the... Read More

Gap gene

Definition noun, plural: gap genes Any of the segmentation genes whose expression results in the formation of gaps in the... Read More

Pair-rule gene

Definition noun A segmentation gene whose expression subdivides the embryo into a series of stripes, and sets the boundaries... Read More

Homeobox gene

Definition noun, plural: homeobox genes One of a group of genes with a common DNA sequence (a homeobox) that code for a... Read More

Polygenic inheritance

Polygenic inheritance refers to the kind of inheritance in which the trait is produced from the cumulative effects of many... Read More


Definition noun The primordial, fluid-filled cavity inside the early forms of embryo, e.g. of blastula. Supplement The... Read More


Tick Definition A tick is an arachnid belonging to order Ixodida. There are three families identified: (1) Ixodidae (hard... Read More


Definition noun (1) One of the pair-rule genes (together with hairy and runt) directly activated by gap gene products... Read More

Zygotic gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic genes Any of the developmental genes transcribed from the DNA of the zygote. Supplement In... Read More


Definition adjective Of, pertaining to, exhibiting, or characteristic of metamerism Supplement The term metameric is used to... Read More

Paraxial mesoderm

paraxial mesoderm A thickened mass lying at either side of the midline embryonic notochord; on segmentation, it forms the... Read More

Zygotic-effect gene

Definition noun, plural: zygotic-effect genes (1) Any of the genes expressed in the early embryo. (2) Any of the genes... Read More