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sewage The waste water from domestic, commercial and industrial sources carried by sewers. Waste matter carried away in... Read More


Introduction    Examples of Macrophytes. (Source: Canada's AquaticEnvironments) ... Read More


Eubacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms consisting of a single cell lacking a nucleus and containing DNA is a single... Read More


Contamination The soiling or pollution by inferior material, as by the introduction of organisms into a wound or sewage into... Read More


nitrosomonas A genus of gram-negative, ellipsoidal or rod-shaped bacteria whose major source of energy and reducing power is... Read More

Refuse disposal

refuse disposal The discarding or destroying of garbage, sewage, or other waste matter or its transformation into something... Read More


Inflow water (and pollutants) that enter sewage systems through street inlets, roof drains, and similar... Read More

Waste management

Waste management refers to the various schemes to manage and dispose of wastes. It can be by discarding, destroying,... Read More


Definition noun,plural: laterites A layer of the soil that is abundant in iron oxide which is resulted from the various... Read More

Industrial Microbiology

Definition noun Related to environmental, social and economic importance that are engaged in the utilization of... Read More

Population Regulation in an Ecosystem

Darwin focused some of this work in regards to the population size of a species, and what factors may affect them. He... Read More