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Definition noun, plural: sulci (biology) A furrow or groove Supplement The term is widely used in medicine, zoology, and... Read More

Atrioventricular sulcus

Definition noun (anatomy) A sulcus or a groove on the outer surface of the heart marking the division between the atria and... Read More

Prechiasmatic sulcus

prechiasmatic sulcus --> chiasmatic groove The groove on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone running transversely... Read More

Sigmoid sulcus

sigmoid sulcus --> groove for sigmoid sinus A broad groove in the posterior cranial fossa, first situated on the lateral... Read More

Limiting sulcus

Limiting sulcus The medial longitudinal groove on the inner surface of the neural tube separating the alar and basal... Read More

Medial longitudinal fissure

Definition noun A median fissure separating the two hemispheres of the vertebrate brain Supplement The cerebrum of... Read More

Pollen Grain

What are Pollen Grains? Plants are unique structures and so they carry out mechanisms in special ways. Fertilization in... Read More


A dinoflagellate is a flagellate algae characterized by their two flagella of unequal length. One of the flagella is lying... Read More

Dorsum of tongue

Dorsum of tongue The back of the tongue; the upper surface of the tongue divided by the sulcus terminalis into an anterior... Read More

Glans penis

Definition noun, plural: glans penises (anatomy) The conical expansion of the corpus spongiosum that forms the head of the... Read More

Anterior funiculus

Anterior funiculus anterior white column of spinal cord, a column or bundle of white matter on either side of the anterior... Read More


Definition noun, singular: gyrus The sinuous ridges or bumps on the surface of the brain surrounded by one or more... Read More

Natal cleft

Definition noun (1) The cleft or sulcus as a result of the anchoring of the deep layers of the skin to the anococcygeal... Read More

Crevicular epithelium

Crevicular epithelium The stratified squamous epithelium lining the inner aspect of the soft tissue wall of the gingival... Read More

Mylohyoid groove

mylohyoid groove A groove on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible beginning at the lingula; it lodges the... Read More

Right sagittal fissure

right sagittal fissure A sagittal groove on the undersurface of the liver formed by the fossa vesicae felleae anteriorly and... Read More

Fasciculus of Lissauer

Definition noun A small bundle of fibers situated longitudinally in the white matter, at the entrance of the dorsal root... Read More

Penile spine

Definition noun, plural: penile spines Any of the spiny projections along the glans or the shaft of the penis Supplement The... Read More