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testicle (Science: anatomy) One of two glandular bodies contained in the scrotum of the male, they form sperm and also the... Read More

Rete testis

Definition noun, plural: rete testes A network of tubules in the hilum of the testicle, and serves as passageway for sperm... Read More

Supporting cell

Definition noun, plural: supporting cells Any of the cells whose function is primarily to provide structural support in the... Read More


stone 1. To pelt, beat, or kill with stones. And they stoned Stephen, calling upon god, and saying, lord Jesus, receive my... Read More

Deferent duct

Deferent duct --> ductus deferens The secretory duct of the testicle, running from the epididymis, of which it is the... Read More

Sustentacular cell

Definition noun, plural: sustentacular cells A type of cell at the basement membrane, and primarily functions in providing... Read More

Convoluted seminiferous tubule

Definition noun, plural: convoluted seminiferous tubules Any of the convoluted or curved canals of the seminiferous tubules... Read More