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Homeostasis is the tendency not to stray from the range of favorable or ideal internal conditions. Such conditions must be... Read More


Pertaining to the way organisms manage heat within... Read More

Cytokine regulation of fever: studies using gene knockout mice

Molecular Biology of Thermoregulation Invited Review Cytokine regulation of fever: studies using gene knockout... Read More

Snuggling Skunks: Is It Better To Brave Winter Alone Or In A Group?

A fascinating new study in the January/February 2007 issue of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology looks at the benefits... Read More

A Look Into Natural Selection and its Mechanisms

Charles Darwin is credited with outlining the fundamentals of evolution. He was a smart and eager pupil and protégé,... Read More

Lizards Bask In The Sun For A Vitamin D Boost

April 21, 2009 — Keeping warm isn't the only reason lizards and other cold-blooded critters bask in the sun. According to... Read More

Integumentary system

Definition noun The organ system consisting of the skin and associated structures such as the glands, hair, nails, scales,... Read More

Hypothalamic hormone

Definition noun, plural: hypothalamic hormones Any of the various neurohormones produced by specialized neurons in the... Read More

Ultradian rhythm

Definition noun, plural: ultradian rhythms A biological rhythm that is repeated throughout a 24-hour circadian day and... Read More

Pineal eye

Definition noun, plural: pineal eyes An eye-like structure that develops from the pineal gland and is located on the top of... Read More


Definition noun, plural: neurotensins A peptide with a chemical formula of C78H121N21O20 , present in the brain and the... Read More


Definition noun, plural: hypothalami A small region of the forebrain comprised of several small nuclei, located between the... Read More

Pituitary gland

Definition noun, plural: pituitary glands An endocrine gland situated off the bottom of the hypothalamus, and acts as the... Read More

Nothing but skin and bone

Abstract Skin and bone — what comes to mind at hearing this phrase? While certainly a metaphor for disease, it also... Read More


Definition noun (1) (anatomy) The outer protective covering of (the body of) an organism, such as cuticle, fur, shell, rind,... Read More

Bumblebee House Warming: It Takes A Village

All bumblebees always aren't as busy as, well, a bee. It all depends on what their job is. Researchers have known that a... Read More

Hibernating Bears Conserve More Muscle Strength Than Humans On Bed Rest Do

A new study in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology quantifiably measures the loss of strength and endurance... Read More